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Vision Aids
Tools to Improve Eyesight

Need some support to improve your eyesight? The products on this page are provided to help you on your path to clear vision without glasses. 

I have found these vision aids truly useful in making the transition from needing glasses or contact lenses to seeing clearly with your own eyes. 
All items are designed to help you take the effort out of seeing.  

Scroll down or click on the titles below to jump directly to:
 -  Palming Support
 -  Mindfold for Eye Relaxation
 -  Pinhole Glasses
 -  The Eyeport
 -  Screen Projectors
 -  Boomerang Bounce Ball for kids of all ages
 -  Visions of Joy's very own bookmarks! 
 -  Miniature Bibles with microprint for relaxed reading practice
 -  Full Spectrum Lights and Sun Lamps
 -  Body Slant
 -  Eye Patches
 -  Letter Charts

Palming Support

Esher showing how to use palming supportPalming is a foundational tool of the Bates Method - it is one of the most effective ways of giving your eyes the relaxation they need to see with clarity.
Because longer palming sessions can be much more effective, proper support of your arms is important. A palming support under your elbows allows for good posture and relaxed shoulders so you remain comfortable much longer.
These supports are adjustable in height and have a cushioned top for optimal comfort.

Above left: Palming support at its lowest position, 12 inches high.
Above right: Palming support at its highest position, 19 inches high.

The support has 8 additional height settings, equally spaced between 12 and 19 inches.
Its foot and the top board are easily detached for compact storage.
Top board measurements are 18" by 3 3/8". The foot measures 8" x 1 5/8" x 5/8".
Handmade in the USA! (Each item may have slight individual differences and padding colors vary.)

US$49.00 each.  Add $20.00 for shipping of 1 palming support within USA. Please inquire for shipping cost to other countries. (As an indicator, shipping to Europe tends to be around $50.)

Palming Meditation Recording now available!
A 15-minute recording of a palming meditation helps you make the best use of your palming time. For a donation of US$10.00 I will send you the link where you can download this mediation. Be sure to send a quick e-mail letting me know you wish to receive the download link to the palming meditation.

NOTE:  To buy a palming support, make a donation for the appropriate amount including shipping to your location and  be sure to send a quick e-mail listing the items you wish to receive. 



An easy way to give your eyes some extra rest!  

The Mindfold provides complete darkness, even with your eyes open.  They have an adjustable velcro strap and are very comfortable due to the foam padding that, unlike other eye covers, does not put any pressure on your eyelids.  I personally love using the mindfold and I highly recommend them for anyone who likes some help in getting the eyes to relax more.
(p.s. These Mindfolds, as any other eye cover, can cause an increase in light sensitivity if used for sleeping with at night, so please avoid that.  Our eyes prefer the gradual increase of sunlight to wake with in the morning!)

Only US$ 19.00.  Add $6 for shipping in USA, $16 for worldwide.

The Mindfold can be a great aid in extending your palming sessions. When your arms get tired or your fingers get tingly during a long palming session, give those arms a break and use the Mindfold for a few minutes before continuing to palm with your hands.

Comments about the Mindfold from a student in Florida:
"Dear Esther,
The Mindfold arrived perfectly - thank you. First of all, I have to admit I had a preconception (based on what the name "mindfold" evoked for me) that a mindfold was some sort of mental origami. Some long-held secret from the Himalayas, finally revealed by a wizened, brown nut of a monk who decided mankind was ready to share/understand. Alas, I was mistaken. But, once I recovered from my own fairytale I do find the mindfold to provide quite a nice little cave-like environment. Very nice. Tranquil. Great space for eyeballs. A great tool, very worthwhile. I will be using it."

Ten days later the same student writes:
"Actually, I HAVE been using my Mindfold and it truly does completely cut out the "visuals". Here is what it makes me think of: first of all, I've been quite self-indulgent (good thing here, I think) and have used it while in our screen room, fans whirling, kicking up a small breeze inside, reclining on sofa, sliding doors open to the outside. OK, this would help anyone to be pretty relaxed. Then I start noticing my breath and a picture comes to my mind of one of the last scenes in "The DaVinci Code" - remember that? Lots of people derided the book, but having been raised a very strict Catholic, & having visited Rome twice, I could really easily imagine the whole yarn happening up in the hills of the city. Indeed, it very well may have. This scene follows the big end-of-story fight and (horrors!) the female character has been killed. She lies there amidst the wreckage as the male lead enters, spies her, mourns her as he finishes up the battle... But wait, our damsel is not dead after all, only feigning death in order to survive! And how did she manage to SEEM so lifeless? Why, by using that ancient yoga trick she learned from her most learned teacher, she breathed THROUGH HER EYES! I don't know why, but I just love that! Forget the rest of the book, this breathing through your eyes thing is what interests me! And with the Mindfold, I apparently am so relaxed that as I breathe I actually feel that I can inhale and exhale through my eyes. I've been wanting to know how to do that! What a treat!"

NOTE:  To buy a Mindfold, make a donation for the appropriate amount including shipping to your location and be sure to send a quick e-mail listing the items you wish to receive. 
(We're working on our webstore, to simplify this process.)


Pinhole Glasses

pinhole glassesMany people find they see with relative clarity through pinhole 'glasses', regardless of their actual prescription.

Most people with nearsighted vision find they see clearer at distance with pinhole glasses than they do without, while people who use reading glasses are often able to read up close with pinhole glasses. For this reason pinhole glasses can be a useful transition tool on your path to natural clear vision. However, it is best to learn and use natural vision habits at the same time, because pinhole glasses by themselves won't do that for you.

There is no glass in these frames; they are made of black plastic with small holes in them. 

What pinholes do is bypass the refraction problem by restricting light rays to central rays only. These central light rays do not get refracted (bent) and therefore provide a clear image to the retina (unlike light rays coming in at an angle which depend on correct refraction to reach the retina in focus). As refraction is bypassed, it no longer matters what your prescription is, the images will come through with relative clarity if the holes are small enough.

Pinhole glasses can not be used for driving because they restrict the visual field too much, but they can be useful in many daytime activities, including reading and computer use.

Down from US$30.00;
Now on sale for only US$ 19.00 per pair
Add $6.00 for regular shipping within the USA,
Add $12.00
for priority shipping within the USA,
$18.00 for worldwide shipping.

IMPORTANT: When you order pinhole glasses please state whether you would like
- the narrow reading glasses style (top image), or
- the new model with smaller holes (bottom image).  SORRY, this model is SOLD OUT.
This new style of pinhole glasses has smaller pinholes than I have seen before, which increases your focal range. It makes them more useable for both near and far vision. Also, the larger number of holes create a better field of vision with considerably less interruption from the black plastic.
Both styles have a frame width of approximately 5 1/2 inches, or just under 14 cms.

I recommend, if at all possible, that you test pinhole glasses before you buy them because one style may work much better for you than another style. I sometimes have a few extra styles available in my office, so you can chose what suits you best when you come for a lesson.

Here is a short video explaining the pinhole effect:


NOTE:  To buy pinhole glasses, make a donation for the appropriate amount including shipping to your location and  be sure to send a quick e-mail listing the items you wish to receive. 


The Eyeport II has had an update and is available again. It is now a solely battery powered unit, using 4 AA batteries which are not included in the box.
This remarkable tool is designed to help improve vision in an effortless way.  The Eyeport uses a variety of programs and speeds of flashing blue and red lights which stimulate one eye at a time when viewed through the red and blue colored lenses.  It was developed by Jacob Liberman O.D. (author of Take Off Your Glasses and See).

Responses from students have been excellent.  It can be used by itself and is even better when used alongside Bates lessons. Use of the Eyeport for a total of 3 hours over a 3 week period increases visual attention span, eye teaming, reading ability, overall visual performance, and improves dynamic depth perception and marksmanship.  This is an evidence-based vision training product that is FDA approved.

A series of skill-building programs are followed for 10 minutes per day, 6 days per week, for 3 to 6 weeks.  The unit has multiple speed settings. It comes with an instruction manual, one pair of reversible red/blue glasses to train each eye individually, a glasses case, and a versatile tripod stand with vice functionality for clamping to a table. It requires 4 AA batteries which are not included.

When ordered through Visions of Joy you will also receive Esther's personal 'Eyeport notes'. The Eyeport has greatly enhanced my own depth perception and I love this machine! I first experienced true depth perception in my thirties through using the Bates Method. For a long time I found this new 3-D view of the world to be beautiful, exhilarating, yet also very much overwhelming... My mind was not used to processing so much extra data about the world around me. So I often 'switched 3-D off'. The Eyeport has helped me overcome this problem, and has given me an even greater level of depth perception. I really appreciate what this unit can do for vision, and I especially recommend it to my students with binocularity issues or astigmatism.

Eyeport price: US$ 300.00

Eyeport shipping costs:

Add $37 for priority shipping within the USA, includes insurance.
Canada/Mexico: Please order from one of these distributors
Add $75 for most other countries, including the UK and Netherlands, but please inquire to confirm cost of shipping abroad, as Bernell charges an additional $35 Export Handling charge and you may also be required to pay import duties once it arrives in your country. Insurance and tracking not available for shipping abroad unless you upgrade to faster shipping by UPS.
Check Bernell for distributors in your own country. If there is one, then please order there!

Eyeport optional extras -
Replacement Red/Blue glasses US$ 15.00
(suitable for both Eyeport and Eyeport II)

Summary of research done on the EYEPORT Vision Training System:

In 2003, a carefully-controlled study at Pacific University College of Optometry revealed that using the EYEPORT for just 10 minutes a day, over a three week period, yielded significant improvements in the ability to aim, track, focus and use the eyes as a team, as well as improving reading efficiency and comprehension. On quality of life questionnaires, subjects reported improved attention, alertness, reading and athletic performance. This study was published in Optometry, Volume 77, Issue 10, October 2006.

In 2004, a second independent study was completed on the isolated effect of using the EYEPORT on the batting performance of little league baseball players. Results of that study demonstrated a 90% improvement in batting performance after only three weeks of use. Shortly after the completion of the study, this team emerged from the loser's bracket to win their first league championship. This study was published in the Journal of Behavioral Optometry, Volume 16, Number 6, 2005.

In 2005, a third study was completed with the Maui County Police Department. The results of that study demonstrated statistically significant improvement in visual attention, speed and span of perception and marksmanship. Additionally, experienced police recruit trainers noticed visible improvement in speed of visual reaction time, accuracy of visual recognition and speed, accuracy and appropriateness of physical response. Also, after using the EYEPORT, one of the sergeants that supervised the program competed in the Hawaii State USPSA Championships and won the Open division and overall high score. This study was published in the Journal of Behavioral Optometry, Volume 17, Number 4, 2006.

In 2006, EYEPORT received clearance from the FDA as a medical device available to the public for the treatment of poor accommodative and vergence facility, convergence insufficiency and large accommodative lag (in non-presbyopic subjects). In 2007, a pilot study conducted at Northeastern State University College of Optometry demonstrated that use of the EYEPORT significantly improved visual attention, focus and depth perception in subjects previously diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Additional Studies: (Click to see link)
- Effect of the EYEPORT System on Visual Function in ADHD Children - A Pilot Study
Published in the Journal of Behavioral Optometry - Volume 19 - Issue 2. Authored by: Hanni Hagen, O.D.; Kari Moore, O.D.a; Gary Wickham, Ph.D.; & W.C. Maples, O.D., M.S.

NOTE:  To buy the Eyeport, make a donation for the appropriate amount including shipping cost to your country, and be sure to send a quick e-mail listing the items you wish to receive. 

Screen Projectors

For general information on computer eyestrain see the solutions page.
If you want to completely avoid computer eyestrain caused by looking into pixels of light for too many hours and you can't wait for screen technology to catch up to human visual needs, an excellent interim solution is to use a screen projector which reverses that problem and has you looking at reflected light instead; a whole lot easier and more natural for your eyes!
Optoma Projector EH412ST
Screen projectors come in a large range of prices, from as low as $70 for a hand-held mini projector; $1000 to $4000 for a high quality machine, and then there are some that sell for $40,000 plus... You won't need to spend that much though. As technology advances, the better ones will likely become more affordable as well as smaller. Below are a few examples of projectors you may find useful. There are many more options; look for native 1080p, a high contrast resolution (like 10,000-1 or up), and compare ansi lumens for brightness if you want to use it in daytime light conditions rather than sit in a dark room.
I currently use the Optoma EH412ST because of its brightness and high contrast ratio (I can use it on a bright sunny day in my office), short throw (fits easier in my room set-up) and its low noise level.

Optoma EH412ST Short Throw 1080P Projector (approx $1000) *
Epson PowerLite 1781W WXGA 3LCD Projector (approx $700)
Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector (approx $550)
AAXA M6 Micro Projector (approx $600)

Some options for smaller budgets:
Projector, GooDee BL98 Native 1080P HD
(approx $200) *
VANKYO Leisure 470 Mini Projector (approx $130) *

WimiUS p18 Native 1080 Projector (approx $250) *

(* Affiliate links - as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

boomerang bounce ballsBoomerang bounce balls

Boomerang bounce balls improve hand-eye coordination and are a wonderful tool for far- and nearsighted kids of all ages.

Attach it to your wrist with the Velcro strap, throw the ball as far as you like, and the elastic cord ensures the ball bounces right back to you; it will not go far out of (clear) sight. Playing with a boomerang bounce ball is a fun and entertaining way to increase eye motion plus practice near-to-far vision with ease. Combine this ball-play with a brief glance at an eye-chart after each catch and you have a great vision improvement tool!

Now available in in a variety of bright colors: yellow or blue tennis ball, green or purple soccer ball, orange basket ball, pink baseball.
Ball diameter is 2 inches. Elastic cord is close to 3 feet in length.

US$ 5.00 each / US$ 12.50 for a set of three. Add $6 for shipping in the USA.
Instructions included.
Warning - family members are likely to become jealous of this vision aid - you may want to buy enough for all the kids, regardless of age...

NOTE:  To buy bounce=balls, make a donation for the appropriate amount including shipping cost and  be sure to send a quick e-mail listing the items you wish to receive. 

Visions of Joy BookmarksBookmarks  

While reading, use a Visions of Joy bookmark as a reminder of all the good vision habits that improve your vision!

Two versions:
- bookmark for farsightedness (hyperopia/presbyopia) has the Ten Steps to Reading Without Glasses in small print on the back.
- bookmark for nearsightedness (myopia) has various quotes from Dr. Bates in small print on the back.

$3.00 each, or 4 for $10.00.  Free shipping within USA, add $2 for world-wide shipping. Please specify which version you prefer to receive.

NOTE:  To buy bokmarks, make a donation for the appropriate amount and 
be sure to send a quick e-mail listing the items you wish to receive. 


Miniature Bibles

miniature bibles These miniature bibles measure approximately 1.25 by 1.5 inch and have microprint inside which is great for your relaxed-reading practice! The book Read Without Glasses at Any Age has instructions on how to use microprint for near vision improvement.

Miniature bibles are available with and without key chain, Please specify which version you would like to receive.

$5.00 each.  Add $5 for shipping in USA, $15 worldwide.

microprint in mini bible
I have had some inquiries about the content of these bibles -
On the first page of the white mini bible without key chain:
"Good News Bible, the New Testament."
It starts with Matthew and it has some illustrations.

The mini bible with key chain (currently only available with the gold cover) has no version listed. It starts with Genesis and ends with the Third Letter of John. There are some illustrations too. These are easier to open to read the entire page than the white covers.

NOTE:  To buy mini bibles, make a donation for the appropriate amount including shipping to your location and  be sure to send a quick e-mail listing the items you wish to receive. 

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Full Spectrum and Sun Lamps

I am often asked what type of lights are best for the eyes, so here is a section that will give you an idea of what types of lamp to look for in your local store, or, if you are unable to find it locally, you can click on the title of the item you are interested in and buy it online.  
Note: When buying full spectrum lamps, be sure that they do state to be Full Spectrum!   If it says the lamp is a natural daylight lamp it is not necessarily a full spectrum lamp...
Here are some things to look for:
- According to Dr. John Ott, generically a full spectrum lamp is based on color rendering index (CRI) of at least 90, with sunlight being 100 CRI.
- The Kelvin temperature of sunlight is 5650 at noon, and a good lamp should ideally be at least 5000 Kelvin.
- True full spectrum (sunlight) includes both UV and near-infrared light. Ideally, the best artificial light sources also include UV and near-infrared light to provide optimal lighting indoors during the day.
- For indoor light after sunset, incandescent bulbs (which are high in the red end of the spectrum) are the best choice for your vision and health.

See also the Solutions page about light and light sensitivity

SOL lamp NEW! - The best sunning lamp is SOL PhotoVites made by Science of Light *

These types of lamp are often used to reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder and they happen to also be great lamps for sunning 'Bates-style'. This one has a Full-Spectrum mode with includes trace-UV and near-infrared light! This lamp can also be used in a near-infrared-only mode, which makes it a good night light source and melatonin primer.
It is 5650 Kelvin and 98.1 CRI - the best you can possibly find.

SAVE $50 when you buy it with this coupon code: VISIONSOFJOY
ALSO: Have a look at other great ligthbulbs and lamps by SOL in this PDF.

Note: This sun lamp also works in Europe (220V) with a simple travel adaptor plug.

Solux - SoLux lights have been installed by many of the world's most recognized and famous institutions including the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam; Rembrandt House in Amsterdam; Musee d'Orsay in Paris; Guggenheim Museum in New York City and Bilbao Spain; Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas; Los Angeles County Museum; and many others.

Compare their various options to find the best CRI/Kelvin balance.

chromalux light
Check the light options at

They have incandescent light bulbs with neodymium in the glass.

They also have full spectrum halogen and fluorescent lights.
There is a wide range of choices here, so go explore this site!

(Currently their options are made for 110-120 Volt networks only.)

Full spectrum desk lamp Full Spectrum Desk and Floor Lamps *
These full spectrum (in visible range) lamps are made by They don't have UV or near infra-red light, but UV can be supplemented with a separate lamp if you like. (scroll down for a UV lamp)
spectrum map

ott light desk lamp Ott Full Spectrum desk lamp *
This desk lamp is one of various models of full spectrum (in the visual range) Ott lamps. Same as above, these don't have UV or near-infrared light. UV can be supplemented with a separate lamp if you like. (see below)

full spectrum light bulbs
Full Spectrum Lights
. *
Instead of buying a completely new lamp, you can simply replace some of your regular light bulbs with full spectrum lights like these. The downside of these compact fluorescent lights is that the cathode is not shielded by lead-foil tape, like John Ott used to do.  
full spectrum fluorescent tube Full Spectrum Fluorescent tubes.  *
Next time your fluorescents need to be replaced, consider getting full spectrum tubes!    You will both see and feel a huge difference.
The downside of these compact fluorescent lights is that the cathode is not shielded by lead-foil tape, like John Ott used to do.
Here is another example of them
biobrite sunrise alarm clockBioBrite Sunrise Alarm Clock  *
Waking up to gradually increasing light rather than a sudden loud sound is a much nicer way to start your day!  It is also much more in tune with nature's way.  I am fortunate that I do not need an alarm clock and am able to wake naturally with the sun, but for many people this is not an option.  For them, this sunrise simulating alarm clock was invented.  There are various models available - here is one that you can connect to your existing bedside lamp!
sunning lampSunning Lamp.  *
As strong lightbulbs of 250 Watt or more are slowly being phased out, it may be easiest to simply buy a fairly low-priced work-lamp like this one shown on the left.  This is useful for indoor sunning of your eyes on days that the real sun stays hidden behind clouds.

You may also find one of these work-lamps in your local DIY store.
nature bright sun lampNot a full spectrum lamp but definitley very bright and therefore useful as a sun-replacement lamp is a theater spot light.

I am told that using such a lamp with a dimmer will lengthen its life; just try to keep your distance from the dimmer switch itself, because it throws out radiation when used.  
Search for these on the internet or at a local theater supply store.

UV lamp

Here's a small UV lamp * that I use on dark/gloomy winter days when going outdoors is less appealing due to weather. Adding just a small amount of UV like this (UV-A) helps to balance out the indoor spectrum during the daytime.

Not needed at night - in nature you wouldn't get UV at night either.   

(* Affiliate links - as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Check out my suggested books about sunlight

Other sources of Full Spectrum lamps:
Ott-lites - Full spectrum lamps developed by John Ott's company. Their lights may aid your visual acuity.
Full spectrum solutions - Nice selection of very bright but not-quite-full-spectrum lamps.
NatureBright Sun Lamp - These lamps reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder. *
More information about health and light.   They sell John Ott's excellent video: Exploring the Spectrum.

For traditional incandescent bulbs, go to

Full Spectrum light bulbs in other countries can be found with a web-search. Some examples:

In the UK: Ecozone's BioBulbs
In the Netherlands: truelight daglichtlampen en daglichtwinkel
In Germany: Vollspektrum-Licht 

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Body Slant

A body slant mattress or slant board is a wonderful aid in relaxation and also provides a great position for palming. With the head down lower than the feet, the hands rest very comfortably on the face which allows for a deep rest. I have the Newton BodySlant (shown below) but anything at a similar angle will do the job.

Here are two links where a bodyslant can be bought:


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Eye Patches

Eye patches can help switch on an amblyopic (lazy) eye or can help practice relaxed vision habits with one eye at a time without needing to close the other eye or cover it with a hand.

I often cut a hole in the outer half of a patch to overcome the annoying loss of peripheral vision for the patched eye. This makes the use of a patch much more tolerable and thus allows for longer use.

I have patches available for sale to students during private sessions and group classes but I currently don't sell them online. Regular black patches are available in most drug stores or you can check the following sites for patches to buy online:

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FREE DOWNLOAD: The Visions of Joy Letter-Chart to hang up in your home, office or classroom.  Letter-charts tend to mainly be associated with vision acuity tests, yet they are even more useful as a tool to improve vision.
Also for free download:
The Optimal Eyesight book's Large Practice Chart
Visions of Joy leeskaart in het Nederlands (in meters)
Visions of Joy la tabella di practica in Italiano (in feet)
Visions of Joy la tabella di practica in Italiano (in meters)

You can also print your own chart.

Having a letter-chart on a wall in a well lit location will allow you to monitor your own eyesight improvement.  Regular chart use can aid in learning to relax your eyes as it gives instant feedback while you practice natural vision habits. 

Set of three charts with instructions on how to use
Three letter charts of different sizes along with instructions in relaxed use of charts will be sent to you in return for a donation of $5.
Please make your donation and email me saying that you would like
the set of 3 letter charts with instructions.

The complete set of charts from
the Read Without Glasses book!

If you prefer not to cut pages out of the book and would like a complete set of its charts in PDF format, please make a donation of $5 and email me saying that you would like the set of charts for the Read Without Glasses book.
Included in this set are:
Letter charts in 3 different sizes;
Dr. Bates' Fundamentals Card;
the Better Eyesight card;
plus various Diamond and Microscopic Print practice cards.

(There are no instructions included in this set, as those are provided in the Read Without Glasses book itself.)

NEW! - The complete set of charts from
the Optimal Eyesight book!

If you prefer not to cut pages out of the book and would like a complete set of its charts in PDF format, please make a donation of $5 and email me saying that you would like the set of charts for the Optimal Eyesight book.
Included in this set are:
Letter charts in 3 different sizes;
The Optimal Eyesight Reading Practice Card;
The Astigmatism chart;
plus Diamond and Microscopic Print practice text.

(There are no instructions included in this set, as those are provided in the Optimal Eyesight book itself.)

eye chart

(sample image only, this is not a chart I have for sale)

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