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Improve your vision and overcome the need for glasses or contacts while avoiding laser surgery

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The Visions of Joy Store has several sections:
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Pay / Donate:
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Various Vision Aids:
Palming Support
Mindfold for Eye Relaxation
Pinhole Glasses
The EYE-port
Screen Projectors
Boomerang Bounce Balls for kids of all ages
Visions of Joy's Bookmarks 
Miniature Bibles for small print reading practice
Full Spectrum Lights and Sun Lamps
Body Slant
Eye Patches
Letter Charts

The Video Course -
Over 5 hours of vision instructions; go at your own pace.

E-Books on the Bates method published by Visions of Joy:
-  Esther's books in e-book format:
'Bates Method Nuggets' (2010)
'Reading without Glasses at Any Age' (2013)
'Optimal Eyesight' (2019)
-  Bates Method Nuggets:  Dr. Bates' golden nuggets all in one e-book.
The best of the Bates Method presented in an easy to learn format.
-  Bates Method View of ... specific vision challenges. 
Including: Cataracts, Floaters, Glaucoma, Presbyopia, Conical Cornea,
    Nystagmus, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Eye Education in our Schools.
-  Dr. Bates' Better Eyesight magazines: the complete unedited collection.
For true insight into Dr. Bates' method this collection is a must have.
-  Dr. Bates' Medical Articles.

    30 Articles published in medical journals between 1886 and 1923.

Eyesight Improvement books in print:
-  Natural Eyesight Improvement Books 
Hardcover and paperback books, including the first edition of Dr. Bates'
   1920 book, as well as Visions of Joy's very own eyesight books:
    'Bates Method Nuggets' (2010)
'Reading without Glasses at Any Age' (2013)
'Optimal Eyesight' (2019)
-  Vision Related Books
Methods and topics that can support you on your path to clarity.
-  Breathing Development Books
Natural ways of improving your breathing pattern can greatly enhance your
    vision and health.
-  Vision Books in Other Languages
Nederlands, Espanol, Francais, Deutsch

Free downloads of vision improvement books and articles:
Various free e-books and articles available - instant download. 
This includes Dr. Bates' original 1920 book Perfect Sight Without Glasses.


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