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23 December 2020

Visions of Joy News!

Celebrating Dr. Bates' 160th birthday!

First of all, welcome to all new readers of Visions of Joy News!  I hope you enjoy this irregular newsletter about natural eyesight improvement and that you will find it helpful on your personal path to clarity.

Dr. Bates' birthday on 23 December gives me a good opportunity to do a quick review of 2020 and take a peek at 2021, with a view to maintaining your optimal eyesight!  

2020 Review - Keep your balance
For many, 2020 has been an oddball year with unusual stresses, a drastic increase in time spent at the computer, and fewer chances to enjoy dear friends and family.  For others, 2020 has been a year of more relaxation, less pressure, and new opportunities.  Whatever it was for you, I hope you have made the best of it all and that, like me, you are looking forward to the new year with optimism and with plans to make it your best year yet!   

If many hours of computer time have been impacting your eyesight, make sure to install software like Eyeleo (for PC) or TimeOut (for Mac) to remind you to take those essential breaks that your eyes crave!  Also, aim to balance all the indoor time with extra doses of outdoor time at every opportunity you get.  Nothing beats sunlight for healthy clear vision, and even on overcast days, natural light is still a real treat for stressed eyes.  

Optimal Eyesight book news
In the next few days, Optimal Eyesight will have its audiobook version for sale on Amazon's Audible!  Read by talented narrator Sarah Kisko from Calgary, Canada, I know you will be delighted as you listen to each chapter.  If you want to be among the first to hear the audiobook, and would like to get an announcement of its arrival as soon as it becomes available, send me an email with 'audiobook' in the subject line, then I'll send a quick reminder when it goes live.
The Kindle book is already on Amazon, yet I'm working on cleaning it up a little more (to display the images better), and when done it will also be available as ePub for other eReaders.  Here too, let me know via email if you'd like to receive an announcement when these e-book versions are available.  A color-illustrated PDF version is already available, and of course so are the paperback and hardcover books that you can actually hold in your hands!  All purchasing options can be found here

2021 Preview
My tentative schedule for 2021 (subject to corona-crisis changes...) is up on my website.  Here are a few highlights to look forward to!    

- Better Eyesight Podcast
The object of all the methods used in the treatment of imperfect sight without glasses is to secure rest or relaxation, of the mind first and then of the eyes.  Rest always improves the vision.  Effort always lowers it.  Persons who wish to improve their vision should begin by demonstrating these facts. - William H. Bates, M.D., Better Eyesight, June 1921

You'll hear thought-provoking quotes like this every month when you subscribe to the Better Eyesight Podcast, hosted by Nathan Oxenfeld and myself.  We've now read 18 of the 132 monthly magazines published by Dr. Bates, with each one broadcast exactly 100 years since its initial publication.  Listeners are inspired by Dr. Bates' knowledge, by Emily's "Stories from the Clinic" and by readers who, 100 years ago, submitted testimonials of their own journeys to clear eyesight.  In addition, Nathan and myself, along with a guest reader, provide our views on the articles we've just read, so you'll get up-to-date insights and tips that will help you on your path to clarity!  I encourage you to join the podcast or the Better Eyesight League if you haven't already!  We'll be having fun providing these monthly magazine readings for you, all the way to June 2030!

- Natural Vision 2020 Online Summit
My colleague Ainhoa de Federico is organizing another online vision summit, this time in English (the first one was in Spanish earlier this year) and if you register for it, you'll hear a one-hour interview with me about Optimal Eyesight, along with many other interviews with top natural vision educators!  Save the dates - February 16 to 19, 2021, with a free encore weekend on February 20 and 21.  Registration will open the first week of February.  The website will be up soon, at

- Europe 2021
I trust that I will be able to travel to Europe again this coming year - my travel plans are for October, with the Netherlands and France (International Holistic Vision Conference in Nimes) as main destinations.

I send you my best wishes for this holiday season and for the year to come.  Thank you for reading Visions of Joy News; please share it with your friends!

Enjoy your path to clarity.


Esther Joy van der Werf
Natural Eyesight Improvement  

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