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About Visions of Joy

Visions of Joy is a Faith-based Private Health Association (PHA) which aims to have you experience the sheer joy of seeing with natural clarity!
Members of the PHA agree that we all have an innate ability to heal our body naturally including the ability to improve our eyesight naturally.
Esther is a certified Natural Vision Educator (NVE) since August 2000.
Visions of Joy was founded by Esther Joy van der Werf in January of 2002.

When I improved my own vision back to 20/20 in just two weeks, after 16 years of blurry vision, I felt elated, suprised, and... upset...
Elated with my renewed clear vision, surprised that the method worked so well, and upset, because I wondered why nobody had told me about this 16 years earlier!?!

If it was so easy to do, why didn't anybody know about it? Why was I not offered this alternative when I was first given glasses?? Why did eye-doctors not know, or at least not tell me, that vision can improve quickly and easily when provided with the right circumstances?

So, loaded with questions and with a determination to 'right a wrong', I delved deeply into the topic of natural vision improvement, and I continue to do so. I soon started my own eyesight school - Visions of Joy - which later became a Faith-based Private Health Association based on faith in our innate abilities to heal our body and eyes naturally.

Visions of Joy represents a joyful vision of a world where people see clearly and never need glasses, because they know how to quickly and easily reverse any blurry vision as soon as it starts.

Visions of Joy's aim is to increase awareness of the little known alternative to glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery, and to offer you effective natural solutions to a large variety of vision challenges.

The optimal time to reverse vision problems is when eyesight first becomes blurry, because that is when blur disappears quickly and clarity returns easily.  If at that time you recognize the cause, learn and integrate the lesson, release the dis-ease and tension, and remind yourself of natural vision habits, you can happily continue your entire life with clear vision.

If you have had blurry vision for many years, and used glasses or contacts to compensate for it, you may find returning to clarity takes some time, yet it never takes as long to return to clarity as it took to get to this point of blur.

Blurry vision is not a life sentence, nor is it a sign that there is something fundamentally 'wrong' with your eyes.  The blur is merely a signal to you that you are straining your eyes and that it is time to make a subtle yet significant change.

The natural approach to eyesight improvement has no negative side effects (actually it has many beneficial side effects!) and it happens to be the cheapest solution.  It also gives the best results (see the testimonials), it just takes a little understanding, along with some patience and persistence.

This website will point you in a new direction, whether your problem is nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), "middle-aged vision" (presbyopia), astigmatism, "cross-eye" (strabismus), "lazy eye" (amblyopia), floaters, or other vision challenges.  

Allow Visions of Joy to help you discover how you can improve your own eyesight.  You may discover that natural clear vision is possible for you too!

Peruse the Visions of Joy site at your leasure. You'll find lots of information on the Bates Method of vision improvement, as well as anything else I have come across that supports healthy clear vision for life.

Enjoy your path to clarity.
love & light,


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