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Special Events

Esther regularly teaches eyesight improvement classes at Natural Vision Conferences and at other vision or health-related events.

Natural Vision Conferences provide great learning opportunities for teachers and students alike. I have personally attended and/or spoken at the following conferences: 

International Holistic Vision Conference:
- Nimes, France, 2021 - speaker & workshop presenter
- Frankfurt, Germany, 2019 - workshop presenter
- Madrid, Spain, 2015 - speaker & workshop presenter
- Gazzada, Italy, 2013 - speaker
- Gazzada, Italy, 2011 - speaker
- Spa, Belgium, 2009 - speaker
- Paris, France, 2002 - attended

Association of Vision Educators Professional Conference
- Stony Point, New York, 2024 (to come)
- Virtual conference, 2022 - speaker
- Virtual conference, 2020 - co-organiser & speaker
- Damascus, Oregon, 2018 - consultant & speaker
- Fort Collins, Colorado, 2016 - consultant & speaker
- Pacific Palisades, California, 2015 - organiser & speaker
- Portland, Oregon, 2001 - attended

AIEV (Italian Association of Vision Educators) National Conference
- Virtual, (Italy), March 2023 - speaker

Latin American Holistic Vision Conference
- Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 2020 - speaker & workshop presenter

British Natural Eyesight Conference:

- London, England, 2012 - speaker
- London, England, 2010 - speaker
- London, England, 2008 - attended

International Conference on Light and Vision:
- San Diego, California, 2011 - attended

International Congress of Behavioral Optometry
- Ontario, California, 2010 - attended

North American Conference on Vision Improvement:
- Oakland, California, 2004 - attended
- San Francisco, California, 2003 - attended

All of these conferences were very inspiring; I recommend them highly
to anyone, but especially to all vision improvement teachers.  
Some photos are shown below.

Information on eyesight lectures and workshops presented by Esther.

Upcoming conferences and other events are listed below (in date order).

Better Eyesight Podcast

A monthly event!
From July 2019 to June 2031

Location: Online

LISTEN to the Better Eyesight PODCAST!
If you love the Bates Method and its Better Eyesight magazines, but you would rather listen to this extensive material than read it all by yourself, then the Better Eyesight Podcast is for you!

From July 2019 to June 2030, your hosts: Nathan Oxenfeld and Esther Joy van der Werf, will be reading one magazine per month, exactly 100 years after its original publication by Dr. Bates! We will be joined by guest readers from the international holistic vision community, and each article we read is followed by a discussion to bring it into the 21st century and to help you grasp its contents even better.

Your Better Eyesight Podcast hosts:
Nathan Oxenfeld and Esther Joy van der Werf

Nathan & Esther 2019

Immerse yourself into the Bates Method each month with the "patreon" option which allows you join in an online meeting where you can ask your own questions related to Dr. Bates' articles for that month!

Details about the podcast are here

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Association of Vision Educators 7th Professional Conference

Dates:  October 2024
Location: Stony Point, New York  

A conference for natural vision educators and eyesight professionals
to meet colleagues, share knowledge, be (re-)inspired,
recharge professional batteries, and have fun together!

Details and registration will (in due course) be at the AVE website.

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v  Esther Joy van der Werf presenting a lecture on the original Bates Method
at the 25th International Holistic Vision Conference in Madrid, Spain, 31 October 2015.

v The 'Fab Four' vision educators reunite at the Madrid 2015 IHVC.
We all met and shared a room at the Paris 2002 IHVC. Fun ladies, great memories!
L-R: Chantal Webster, Esther Joy van der Werf, Sylvia Lakeland and Amelia Salvador.

AVE 2nd Professional Conference participants. (Pacific Palisades, May 2015). (more photos)
Group photo at and in the tree


 Dr. Ray Gottlieb and Esther Joy van der Werf at the
24th International Holistic Vision Conference, Italy, October 2013
Ray Gottlieb and Esther Joy van der Werf

v  Two photos from the British Natural Eyesight Conference
held in Felden (near London), October 2012

3 Bates teachers Amelia Esther Sonia
^  3 Bates teachers: Amelia from Spain, Esther, and Sonia from France

keynote speakers Meir Esther Dennis
^  3 Keynote speakers: Meir Schneider, Esther, and Dennis Robertson

v  Ray Gottlieb, Esther Joy van der Werf, and Jacob Liberman
at the International Conference on Light and Vision, San Diego, April 2011
Ray Gottlieb, Esther Joy van der Werf, Jacob Liberman

 Two photos from the British Natural Eyesight Conference
held in Felden (near London), October 2010

palming train at BNEC 2010
^  Meir Schneider takes a photo of the 'Palming Train' in front of Felden Lodge.
In the palming train from front to back: Sonia Carrocine, Aileen Whiteford, 
Esther Joy van der Werf, Stephen Poynter, Daniela Maturchova, and Sylvia Willekens.

BNEC presenters
^ The organizers and some presenters at the BNEC
L-R: Sylvia Lakeland, Richard Hobday, Esther van der Werf, Aileen Whiteford, Margaret Montgomery.

v  Esther signing her newly published book "Bates Method Nuggets"
at the Raw Health Expo, Sebastopol, California, 1 August 2010
Esther Joy signing her book Bates Method Nuggets

The photos below were taken at the 3rd North American Conference
for Natural Vision Improvement, in Oakland, California, May 2004

4 bates teachers
^Kate Keilman, Esther, Gladys Bennet & Theo Copley.

Jacob Liberman demonstrating his new EYE-port  >

Jacob Liberman with Eyeport
Roberto Kaplan <  Roberto Kaplan from Austria talks about strabismus

Deborah Banker, Martin Sussman, Dror Schneider and Carol Gallup responding to audience questions during a panel Q&A

Panel Bates teachers

Are you still looking for a good reason to begin to improve your eyesight??...

Yesterday I was walking down the street wearing my eyeglasses,
and all of a sudden my prescription ran out.

Steven Wright


Are you ready for better vision?
Do you want to know how to improve eyesight naturally?
Check out the classes offered here!

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