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February 2020 update:

The email course is currently unavailable.

I highly recommend you read Optimal Eyesight, which is based on the old email course and contains all the advice you need to overcome myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism and a variety of other functional vision problems.
If your visual challenge is at the near point, you will learn what you need to know in my earlier book Read Without Glasses at Any Age.

Testimonials from e-students

Excerpts from correspondence sent by e-mail course students:

After the email course:
At the start of the course my visual acuity was 20/30 for the right eye, 20/40 for the left and my goal was to improve my distance vision. I am happy to report that my acuity now after the course is 20/20 in both eyes and still improving!  Besides better vision, I experienced reduced headaches, less sensitive to bright light and much more confidence in the ability of my eyes/brain to see clearly.
The course is packed with useful information, detailed explanations and inspiring encouragements.  It is well-structured, everything is first clearly explained in detail and then the most important instructions summarized and emphasized in a simple overview so that is easy to review and reference everything fast. I particularly liked Vision targets for each week provided at the end of every lesson. I also liked very much that it is repeatedly pointed out that out of plethora of different techniques everybody should select tools they find most beneficial for them.  The course has plenty of detailed information, explanations and instructions how to see clearly and regain 20/20 vision fast. I finally understand what benefits my eyes and what kind of daily vision habits I should apply and adopt forever.
The teacher’s support was very important to me. Every question was answered promptly, every additional advice I requested was given clearly and extensively.  Esther displays continuous patience in answering every question although I am sure some answers could have been found in lessons by myself.   What benefited me most was that I felt soft and gentle encouragement of the teacher dispelling my doubts and strengthening my belief that nearsightedness could indeed be healed as any other disease.

S.L., Croatia

After the email course:
I have noticed a significant improvement in my distance vision in general. Improvement in my vision as measured by a vision chart has been slow but it is there! This is a great class with a lot of good content! A great compilation of Bates Methods activities and techniques combined with individualized attention from an experienced, warm, and thoughtful vision improvement instructor!
Anne Olson, Oregon, USA
[Anne is in her late 60s, her eyes have been highly myopic (-8D) for most of her life and she had double vision. She also was dealing with cataract in one eye. Natural Vision lessons solved the double vision issue she had and during the 3 months she took for this email course her vision acuity significantly improved from right eye 5/100, left eye 5/200, to seeing 5/40 with each eye. ~ EJvdW]

After the email course:
Dear Esther,
Thank you so much for your wonderful course! I loved it, and you were a fabulous companion on my journey toward clarity! Thanks for putting this class together, for answering all my questions, for cheering me on, for your teaching, encouragement, inspiration, and for your great skype session! I loved working with you and am thankful for all that I have learned, for all the natural vision habits and tools, the progress I made – and I am hoping for more. I will give you an update.
I am happy about the more relaxed feeling of my eyes. It is much easier now to read small print - from the story of Sylvia you sent me, I can read all except the tiniest version).
My far point moved from 40 cm to 97 cm with both eyes (90 r, 75 l).
I learned how to do my work without glasses, and even though the vision is not always clear yet, I can relax into it.
The only times I am using reduced glasses is when driving the car. I check the vision chart before I leave and also take into account if I am going somewhere I know or into an unfamiliar area, needing to read street signs… or driving at night. For night and unfamiliar locations, I usually choose the -1.0 glasses. For daytime and familiar locations the -0.5 are enough.
In the mornings and at daylight I can usually read the 20/30 line. But it does not stay consistent yet. At night it is more like 20/50. In the morning I have clear flashes of 20/20, once even of 20/15, these flashes don’t last very long yet – but I am planning on getting there and will keep you posted
Thanks again so much for re-introducing me to the world of clarity!
Blessings to you and warm regards,

Dr. Angelika Schultz, Erie, Colorado (cranioworld.com)

[Angelika started the course with glasses of -2.25 and made fantastic progress; congratulations! - Besides the above email she also gave the following feedback on the email course. ~ EJvdW]
(Benefits experienced besides improved vision: relaxation, being outside more and enjoying it!
(Overall about the course: Fabulous! It has great explanations that make sense and a summary of the Bates method in easy to follow steps
What I liked the most:
- your explanations were easy to implement from the beginning
- I liked the weekly format, and the written form
- now – and with relaxed eyes – I am curious to read much more about it and to study Bates’ books and articles directly, but in the beginning – with my eyes already overwhelmed, tired, hurting – it seemed daunting to read hundreds of pages, with no clue where to start putting things into practice; your guidance was wonderful
- I loved to get your encouragement
- loved that I could ask all my questions and got them answered, thank you!
- loved to get to know you; knowing someone who has travelled this journey before me is so inspiring, I feel that since you could do it, I can do it too!
- loved the Bates quotes in between the lessons, and the stories of his successful patients

- not a dislike, just an observation: at some point during the class I got a bit overwhelmed by all the different tools, trying to do them all during the day – and since this seemed impossible, I dropped the tools altogether, it took me a few days to decide to just stick to a few tools at the time but actually doing them on a regular basis
This is a fabulous and unique email class that describes the Bates method in easy to follow steps, giving you powerful tools that allow you to stop straining vision habits and replace them with natural / healthy vision habits. The written material gives you great explanations to understand how natural vision works and how to reach clarity yourself. Inspiring stories of others who have travelled the road to clarity before you help you to go forward with your own journey. The thorough questionnaire given at the beginning of working with Esther gives you powerful insights into your own visual story. On top of the great written material you will get inspiration and personal attention from Esther, who is knowledgeable and encouraging in answering your questions. An additional and useful option is a personal skype session with Esther to get some more practical advice and direct feedback about how you are using your eyes and vision and how to reach the next level of improvement.
This email course is wonderful, highly recommended, great way to improve your vision and your life!
Thanks so much!
With love,

After lesson 3:
I have taken a lot of awareness on peripheral vision…I love it !!! and that helps relaxing (it connects me with trusting life movement), but as I mentioned in lesson 1 (strain habits) I have a very strong tendency to “try to see” and I would be more specific: try to read. The other day, I went to pick up a paper from the floor that was close to the Eye Chart, and when I stood up, my head passed near the Eye Chart and I suddenly had a clear eye flash!!! When I do not try to see, I see!
Regarding the astigmatism, the optometrist considered that my level of astigmatism was not clear/high enough to say “I have astigmatism”. She said that the machine measured 0.25 (both eyes). Thus, it seems to me that my astigmatism has decided to go on holidays!!!!
Esther, I feel very grateful for this course. You write with clarity, and describe exercises in depth and being very specific. Thank you !

Nora U., San Sebastian, Spain

I had a -4.75 and -5 with -20% astigmatism prescription for my eyes before starting the course. Now, I can see clearly with -4.00 and -4.50 after just 4 weeks of the course. I feel a sense of relaxation, my neck tension has reduced and I have a more relaxed state of mind.
The organization of materials was very good. I liked the explanation of all the topics. An amazing course! The perfect approach to Natural and Improved Vision #Visions of Joy ! :-) Thank You Esther for your concern and support throughout the course.

Dev S., Sunnyvale, California

After the e-mail course:
I have noticed that my vision is clearer than when I first started this course. I am more aware of surroundings and I am noticing details that I never noticed before. I have become so comfortable without my glasses so much that it is the state that I most prefer. I do whatever I can to avoid putting on my glasses. When I first started this course my vision acuity was as follows: both eyes-1/15, left eye-1/20, right eye-1/15. Now after completing the course and continuously applying the Bates relaxation methods my acuity is as follows: both eyes-1/10 mostly and 1/7 some days, left eye-1/15, right eye-1/7. When I first started I was wearing glasses of -4.75/-5.50 [with astigmatism compensation ~ EJvdW]. Now I am wearing glasses of -4.0/-5.0 with a slight astigmatism compensation. I am now only wearing glasses about four to five hours a day. I can tell that my vision is improving because things that I was unable to read when I put these glasses on I am now able to read. When I am completely relaxed I have noticed that is when my vision is best and when I get my flashes of clarity.

I have become more aware of all my tension and how easily I stress out. As a result of this course I am able to make myself stay calm and relax. I try not to worry about things so much. I am able to breathe much deeper and feel better. I sleep on my back now and as a result my eyes no longer hurt so much in the mornings. I palm whenever my eyes hurt and it brings relief and allows some of my tension to leave. Thanks to sunning I am no longer afraid of sunlight. Instead I am eagerly seeking out the sun. My eyes love the feel of sunshine on them. I blink so much more and do my very best not stare off into space thinking about nothing. My eyes are constantly looking at new things.

This class helped me to understand how my eyes work and habitual mistakes that I am making everyday. I am so glad that I had someone who could help me with anything I had questions about instead of looking for answers in all the wrong places. You as an instructor were very patient and understanding which was very comforting. My eyesight has improved a bit and that was my goal for this course. I wanted to be able to improve my eyesight. Now I have started and have all the tools I need to finish.

I liked the fact that I had an experienced instructor at my fingertips who I could ask all my questions to. I loved the fact that you were understanding and very responsive to my questions. I liked how the course schedule was very flexible to my needs so that I had as much time as necessary for each lesson.

I am so grateful for all the help that you have given me. You don't know how nice it is to know that I can improve my eyesight when for so long I thought I was destined to wear glasses for the rest of my life. I just renewed my drivers license the other day and I was able to do it without using my "current prescription" glasses. I was very pleased. I want to thank you for all your help and I will be sure to keep in touch.

Christina Gosch, Purcell, Oklahoma

After lesson 2: My last "test" was on 13 Feb and is as follows:
Both eyes: 10/30
Left eye: 10/50
Right eye: 10/30
It's funny because I thought I could see some improvement but because there is still a lot of blur I just shrugged it off a bit as I don't want to get my hopes up too much and put it down to the change in lights perhaps.
I just quickly checked again today and it is the same except for the left eye is 10/40.
I am getting really excited about this (even more than before!)
Thanks for lesson 3 - I am looking forward to it even more now!
love, Susie
P.S. I tried on my new glasses yesterday at 10 feet from the chart and could just about read the 10 line (bit blurry). That means it is almost 20/20 with the weaker glasses already!! How cool is that?!

After lesson 3: The left eye has improved again! It is almost at the same level as my right eye now - which is amazing to me! I was so happy about this - not just because of the improvement but that this shows me that I really am using my eyes more correctly now and gives me hope for more steady improvement :)
My original prescription - before starting the course was -1.75R and -2.25L
The new pair that I got last week is -1.00R and -1.25L and this was your recommendation originally. It took 3 weeks to arrive and the day they arrived and I put them on I could see 10/15 with them on and I have to get a new pair right away - nice problem to have!!! :)

After the e-mail course: I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for all your help, guidance and patience throughout the course - I really enjoyed it and will continue to do it to further improve my eyesight.

General comments at the end of the e-mail course:
During this course my eyesight improved, in fact my weaker eye started catching up with my stronger eye which "proved" to me that there was real change and not just my imagination!
Sometimes it overwhelmed me and I didn't like some of the many different things to do. This was mostly overcome by emailing Esther and asking specific questions and being guided by her as I went through it.
Esther is a very caring and supportive teacher and this really comes through in her warmhearted emails. She is very understanding and patient and always gives encouraging answers and guidance.
This course is the best way to improve your eyesight naturally short of going to a Bates practitioner or it is a good way to learn the basic theory and have a tailor-made course that you can do yourself at home with email support. I like the way it was really tailored to me and that it gave a lot of information to really explain why some certain things had to be done or how they worked.

Susie B., Hampshire, UK

After lesson 1 of the course: "What helped me most from lessen 1 are two things:
To pay attention when I start staring, wanting to see things clearly and straining. I practise this during drives, deliberately relaxing and just ‘seeing‘. The difference is marked! Together with the visualisation that the eyes are just the windows, letting in light, and the brain is actually creating the picture, my vision instantly improves. This visualisation is particularly strong for me, as it shifts my focus instantly away from my eyes. Thank you for these good remarks!
Altogether I am really looking forward to continue, as I get changes without having to ‘exercise’ my eyes. Finding the time to do that usually was the challenge – but these habit changes can be incorporated so easily into everyday life.

After the course: 
"Thank you for your support and all the great insights, exercises and (very important to me) relaxation methods! Last week I realized that not only my left eye sees more clearly, but my right eye too is getting better and better. Clarity has improved in both eyes. This is a really good feeling. Also, I am aware of straining, squinting etc. and know how to remedy this.
I get less headaches, which is a great relief for me!
For the first time I have an explanation what cataract really is. This helps me a great deal to deal with it and have a positive outlook about it.
These lessons with personalized advice are a very helpful tool to work and improve at your own pace, at home. Also, there are so many good exercises and tips in these lessons that help me tremendously (i.e. 3-D vision).
I changed my glasses to -5.25 (left) and -0.75 (right). By telling the optometrist I needed them for computer work, this was not a problem (the results of the examination were -7.25/-2.75). These glasses feel much more comfortable than my old ones, and in addition to that my right eye is not constantly taking over."
Monika Wacker, Wiler, Switzerland
2019 Update on Monika: In June of 2018
Monika contacted me again, her prescription had changed dramatically with the left eye now totally clear (plano), while the right had: -2.25, -1.00 x 158.  A lesson via Skype at that point cleared up some wrong thoughts about “weakness” in her right eye and having to "try hard."   She switched back to relaxation and receptive seeing.  In February 2019 she passed her driver’s test without glasses and was given an unrestricted driver’s license in her new home of Canada.  She now only uses glasses for driving at night or in rainy conditions to help the right eye participate better, the left eye has completely clear vision; no more cataract. ~ EJvdW

After the course:  "I stopped using my 2.0/2.5 power glasses and am currently down to 1.00 power for close work. I've noticed my eyes becoming less sensitive to light and my long range vision has also become sharper. I realize that a lot of times we try to "protect the eyes" we only make them weaker. I'm looking at sunlight and night driving in a "whole new light".
The email course is fabulous! Joy has taken the core of the Bates method and enhanced it through her own experience and made it a more powerful course. I like the thoroughness of it. It touches on a wide variety of areas that relate to vision and shows one how to enhance eyesight and perception through a variety of techniques. I highly recommend this course, it is a method for improving one's vision without using surgery, drugs or prescription aids of any kind.
Joy offers some marvelous links to free material and provides ways to obtain condensed versions of much of the Bates method teachings. I highly recommend her site!"
Joe K., Markesan, Wisconsin

After the course: On March 9th at the DMV I passed my vision test (hooray!!) It was really great to be able to pass the DMV vision test and I believe that it was because of the work I have done with you and the Bates method so far. I realize there is a lot more to do, however all I can do is remember to blink, palm and relax.
Just now glancing through lesson #6, I see that it will be very interesting. By the way, if you ever give a "live" class please let me know. I would like to attend wherever it is.
Love, Betty
Betty Z, Half Moon Bay, California

(Betty is in her 70s and has a strong farsightedness with astigmatism in one eye, and Macular Degeneration in the other. Her goal for taking the e-mail course was to pass the DMV test within 2 months, as her vision even with glasses was no longer good enough to do so. Now, with glasses her vision is within the legal limit for driving again, and she succeeded! ~ EJvdW)

After lesson 4: Esther, I got a perfect vision for both eyes, thank you again. Hope anyone who has the same problem like me could find you and get a lot of help from you. I'll be doing your lessons on and on, amazing resources. Thank you again and have a wonderful life. Best regards, Judy
After lesson 6: This course has given me 20/20 vision both at distance and near. I'm not staring anymore. Also my eyes are not tired out any more late afternoon. Also, I am comfortable with both brightness and darkness. At last, my eyes have more tears because they're shifting. The course was fabulous! My first confidence about this course became real. In my opinion, this course has to be the required course for people who see the eye doctor. Vision can be improved naturally by taking this course. Eyes are one of the most important organs in our body. But almost everyone gives up improving vision because they think it's already fixed and it is something that cannot be improved by our effort. This is the very risky myth about vision. People have to change mind and have to try this course. This course is not an 'extra' fun course that they may or may not take if time is available. This course is a life mandatory course really. If someone wants to take off glasses or contact lenses, some credential helping guides are necessary. I really want to encourage anyone, who has any interest of improving vision, to try this course. In my case, I got the fastest result. In three weeks my staring, bluriness and dryness were gone. But, anyone can be the candidate for the better vision. Try it and don't give up. It'll come. Thank you Esther.
Judy Cho, Berkeley, California

(Judy had lasik surgery 3 months before starting the course and was struggling with very tired eyes and fuzzy vision. ~ EJvdW)

After lesson 1: I am enjoying reading your course....it all makes sense....and I am having small improvements already. I love your warm writing style....it is encouraging.
Barry K, Burnaby, Canada

After lesson 5: That lesson has been the eye-opener. Even if I already knew much of that material from Bates himself, It still was quite awareness-promoting. I realized that that is the kind of things I have to work on. I've never been too much a lover of exercises. I'd rather like to go to the source of the problem. And the sentence of Bates "every vision defect is related to a thought, and once that thought has gone, vision becomes normal" struck me in a particular way.
… So, the next day, I just "forced" myself to not worry, not care about how I saw and start the day with a different mindset. Just see, even if it wasn't perfect vision. Just relax whenever that disturbing thought would come to my mind. And that actually worked! I can much better control my astigmatism, just by letting it go whenever it surfaces, through conscious mental relaxation. A few blinking, close my eyes for a few seconds with a deep breath, and it's quickly gone! Already towards the end of that day, my astigmatism was gone. It still surfaces some time, but it has definitely improved, meaning that most of the day it's not there at all (or so little of it, that I won't notice it).
… Since having started with the described practices, I'm overall more relaxed and happy.
I feel like I have hit one of the foundation stones of my vision problem, and this is definitely encouraging!
After the course: Vision seems for me to be a good "barometer" of my general health. I already notice the improvement also when I read without contacts or glasses. I can keep the book farther from my face, and still see it good. This is the only encouragement I needed. Now I know it can and will get better, just a little work on my ways of living and a little attention to my general health. I thank you sincerely for your help. I'm spreading the word, so that other people can take advantage of this wonderful technique (my family for a start, since everybody wears contacts). Sincerely yours, Mirko
Mirko K, Bissone, Switzerland

During the course:  I want to tell you that I practiced Palming with your recording, and I LOVE it!  You designed it in a very professional and loving way.  After such palming session I could even look at the eye chart without usual discomfort and tension, and the letters were truly blacker and clearer than before.  Sincerely, Oxana
Oxana K, Brooklyn, New York

After the course:  [This course] makes your dream of new sight come true, to achieve the impossible - "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE MADE POSSIBLE".  I am really grateful.
Paresh Dave, Mombasa, Kenya

After lesson 3:  Dear Esther, I happily announce to you that my vision has started improving. I am heading towards my second prescription. Relaxing into seeing allows the rest natural vision habits to come automatically. It will take some time to have clarity again, but I do not worry about it, since I know what I have to do.  Love, Christos
Christos K, Athens, Greece

After the course:  Dear Esther, I have read everything and practiced almost everything.  You have done a wonderful job!  I have improved a lot but I am going to continue until I can read everything without glasses.  I am able to use #1 glasses when working on the computer and I have not used my regular prescription glasses except twice since the first lesson.  I will let you know when I have reached my goal!!!!!!!!!!  God bless you!  Love, A
A.J., Pembroke, North Carolina.  (A. is in her early 60s and was using a prescription of +3.25 for reading with -0.25 of astigmatism at the beginning of the course.)  

After the course: You might describe Esther as one of Bates' apprentices.  Her email course is a way of reaching out to people like my son and I who live far from her but need help.  This course clarifies and renews the principles of Bates, 80 years after his death, so that we may benefit from the work that he wholeheartedly believed in.  I like all her examples and the way she wrote.  It was just superb.   
I think there is an overall better understanding of the Bates Method and it helped us figure out where there were holes in our methods.  [The email course] stresses many subtle points of the Bates Method and makes you understand why we need to incorporate them into our everyday lives.  We were doing lots of blinking and palming but not enough swinging and swaying and massaging and visualizations to help our vision. Each week we would then focus on new skills and it really made a difference.  I was struck by Esther's overall understanding of the method and her skill in helping us to understand it better.  Esther is a breath of fresh air.  Philippe definitely saw better.  He didn't reach his goal but I think we've been trying too hard.  That defeats the purpose.  
Amy W, mother of Philippe (age 13), Stroud, England

Here's our latest report:  Eye update:  
6 May: Philippe saw line 10 (small letters) from 4-5 feet away
16 June: Philippe saw line 20 from 12 feet away.
That is huge progress!  Philippe is so happy.  I think he's getting better than me.  I went to the chiropractor last week and I feel like it really helped my eyes so I am feeling better all the time about them.  I will keep working with them.  Love,  Amy

Amy W, mother of Philippe (age 13), Stroud, England

After lesson 2:  Seeing everything much more clearly with your guidance! 
After lesson 3:  My vision continues to improve and I just threaded a needle without magnification! TADA!!
After lesson 3: 
I checked my progress today and there is measurable improvement! Yay! Nice to see the numbers change even though I have not worn my glasses and sense I'm seeing more clearly.
The medium chart was
both eyes 12" / 5  (was 7 a month ago)
left eye 12" / 5     (was 10 a month ago)
right eye 12" / 3   (was 7 a month ago)

After the course:  I checked my progress today and there is  more measurable improvement!
Still room for improvement in reading fine print up close. It is pretty magical to read your text that decreases line by line. Overall I look at it and think this looks impossible but my eyes follow the words legibly to the end and voila I have been able to discern it all!  More practice reading the fine print for me!
I am eternally grateful to you and Agoya too because he steadfastly encouraged me to take the course and not judge it before completing it. Such a wealth of information and so beautifully interwoven to support the student. YAY!!!  I am now an avid ambassador for your vision course and hopefully many more will beat a path to your door.
Pamella O'Dea, San Francisco, California

After the course:  Hello Esther,  I have completely enjoyed taking your 6-week e-mail course, "Visions of Joy".. The personalized generous body of course materials arrived weekly on schedule. I looked forward to every installment laced with "joy and humor" ready for my comprehension and application. The Bates method embellished by your presentation has and I know will continue to serve me relative to my continuing responsibility to the knowledge and learned skills.  My vision has improved, initially by eliminating the the 1.25 drug store specs. Then installing the Ott lighting is a vibrant boost to visual clarity. Then from the full gamut of "tools" my vision has improved slightly continuing in the 20/15 acuity by the eye chart.  In gratitude,   
Agoya Killeen, Santa Cruz, California

After the course:  Hallo Esther,  I would like to share Jessica' s progress with you.  We are really impressed!!
Jessica doesn't use her contact lenses any more.  She brings her reduced prescription glasses to school and puts them on only when she needs them.  Her vision is really improving.  She told me that she can read some words written on the blackboard without glasses (and she sits at the back of the class!!!).  Last monday they were divided in groups and she sat closer to the blackboard, so she didn't need her glasses at all!!!  She was really enjoying it.
She trains and plays football without lenses and she is doing fine.
I checked her vision on the eye chart last sunday (6th of september) and she could read line 40 from 15 feet!!!  Three weeks ago she could only read line 80 from 15 feet distance.
She did 15/40 with both eyes
            15/50 with her right eye (and some letters of line 40)
     and 15/80 with her left eye.
 And three weeks ago she could only see
             15/80 with both eyes
             15/80 with her right eye
      and 15/100 with her left eyeI
Thanks a lot.
After lesson 4:  Jessica is very happy with this course and she sees improvements every day. She can read more and more things from the blackboard (without glasses) when she is at school. One month ago she couldn't read anything from the blackboard!! It's really amazing.  Last sunday (20/09) we checked her vision with the eye chart. Her vision is getting better and better. I'm so happy.
It's amazing to see how she plays football or goes outside to play with her friends without glasses or lenses.  I was really worried because her vision was getting worse every year after she was prescribed glasses, but now I see how her vision is improving and I'm looking forward to seeing the day when her vision is back to normal again!!!
Thanks a lot. You are doing a really good job. I wish we had started the course 3 years ago when her vision problems began...!!     Kind regards,  Lucia 
After lesson 6:  ... And thanks a lot for the vision course. It feels so good to see your child improving her vision day by day. Yesterday she sat in the car and she could see the time in a small clock at the front of the car. Amazing!   Go ahead, never stop teaching Bates method. You are doing a great job, Esther!

Lucia G, mother of Jessica (age 12), Hilversum, Netherlands

After the course:  I passed my drivers license without the restriction of corrective lenses!  I'm so pleased about this!  I never anticipated the great feeling of freedom - free from my glasses - it is wonderful! 
Deb B, Eagan, Minnesota

After the course: Hello Esther,  I want to sincerely thank you for your course and your support.  I have definitely seen improvements.  Soon after beginning the course I started using glasses of -3.25/-3.50, only when I really needed it. The 20-line on the chart quickly became readable with these glasses, so last week I progressed to a pair of glasses with -2.50 for both eyes. So besides seeing a difference, it is also measurable! After I take the glasses off, the flashes of clear vision come back faster, so the eyes can apparently relax easier.

After lesson 3:  Hallo Esther, I've been using the reduced prescription glasses for a few days now, and only after work.  On the computer, both at work and at home, I now use SwingWindows.  Besides seeing the screen better, the burning feeling that I used to have a lot in my eyes is now almost gone!  My light sensitivity has much decreased, I can now look at the sun without any problems.  Really nice, especially since the sun is so low in the sky.  Another thing I have noticed is that the flashes of clarity also provide much better vision close up.  I have never looked at a sandwich with so much interest before!
Jurjen Grijpstra, Nieuwegein, Netherlands
(Jurjen began the course with R -4.25 with -0.50 astigmatism, L -4.50 with -0.75 astigmatism. ~ EJvdW)

After lesson 3:   Dear Esther,  I did part of lesson 3 this afternoon and when I did palming with the drifting swing story it really helped.  When I sat about 5ft. away I could only see about the 20/50 line but after my dad read the story I could see the 20/30 line. Thank you,  
Shirley M. (age 10), Lexington, Massachussetts

After the course:  I wanted to let you know that I did take my drivers license eye test last month and I did pass.  It seemed like it was the worry about it that was part of the straining of my eyes.  It was a big relief after I took it.  Success!  Of course, the whole course was very helpful.  Thank you!!!!
Barbara Fedors, Stillwater, Minnesota

After the course:  This course is an answer to the frustration of wearing glasses or contacts.  A potential savior from the problems associated with refractive surgery.  I like the practicality most.  I had the book Relearning to See before being introduced to the class, but thought the information was overwhelming.  The book now makes more sense to me, and is helping me to get deep into the things that I needed help with with the course.
Tracey Dixon, Lithonia, Georgia 
(Before the course Tracey was wearing -2 glasses all day long.  She chose not to use her glasses at all during the 6-week course and her vision improved steadily from 5/80 to 5/30 to 5/10 in that time. ~  EJvdW)

After the course:  The lessons you have taught me are with me every day.  I have been integrating them into new habits.  I have more frequent glimpses of improved acuity and definitely improved sun sensitivity.  I continue to address areas of great importance, such as breathing, relaxation and posture.  I really like the depth and breadth of material covered and the clear presentation of this material.  There is power in all the information you sent.  I keep referring back and learning more.  
Mark Seidelmann, Duluth, Minnesota

After the course:  Blythe has been reluctant at times but in spite of this, she has improved.  She was seeing 5/80 with both eyes at the beginning of the course and now she is 5/50, almost 5/40.  She hasn't worn her glasses at all since the course began.   I (Janet) have seen a lot of improvement.  I have been functioning well without my glasses except for driving since the beginning of July.  There is a possibility I could now pass the driving test without my glasses because I can barely make out the 40 line without my glasses.  Both of my eyes have improved.  The left eye started at 20/80 and now is barely 20/40.  I started wearing glasses for driving that are -3.5 in the right eye near the beginning of the course.  At that time I could just barely make out the 20/40 line.  At the end of the course, I could see the 20/40 line clearly and the 20/30 line just barely.  Also, at the beginning of the course I could clearly read average sized print from only 7 1/2 inches from my eyes.  At the end I could read clearly from 10 1/2 inches.   

Blythe used to get headaches but doesn't anymore.  She has stopped wearing her glasses at all and feels more comfortable.  I (Janet) feel that I am able to relax more. I think the course is excellent and I will recommend it whenever I can.  All the information is very good and the teacher is eager to help and very helpful. The course was very valuable to me because of the individual feedback and encouragement. You can't get that from simply reading books about natural vision improvement. Thank you very much!
Janet D, mother of Blythe (age 10), Leslie, Arkansas

After lesson 2:  When we came home from vacation I noticed how much better my eyes were.  The TV is much clearer, and in the morning as I lie in bed everything is clearer, things like that.  It is a little challenging, but luckily I am able to do my work without glasses.  It seems that each day it gets better.  Many colleagues said that I look so rested, and I think that is mainly because I relax the muscles around my eyes.  My husband also says that my face looks much more relaxed.   
Now that I have read lesson two I understand better what is meant by staring and that I do stare.  So that's a point of attention, especially now that I'm behind the computer again all day.  
Swinging was not easy at first, I used the thumb technique to let my eyes glide, but now I can do it without the thumb.  I love palming, that is truly a great relaxation.  
My acuity is now 10/30 both eyes, 10/40 right, 10/50 left, which is an improvement from last week (10/40 both, 10/40 right, 10/60 left).  I was quite pleased. 
Yvonne Garst-Koffa, Bracknell, England

After the course:  This email course is fabulous!  When I started doing investigation into natural vision, I felt disappointed that I couldn't find a teacher in my area.  Thomas Quackenbush's book was good to read, but really overwhelming - I didn't know where to start.  So I was so thrilled to find your online course - that was my lucky day indeed!  
Calvin and I both loved the way the course was personalized for him.  The fairy tales were a nice touch!  I liked the Vision Targets at the end of every lesson.  I also liked the "Bates Method in a Nutshell" page and the "Visions of Joy" practice card.  You do a good job of summarizing the most important facts.  I can't think of anything I didn't like.
Calvin and I both benefited!  Calvin's visual acuity has gone back to 20/30 in both eyes, with a record reading of 20/40 in both left and right eyes separately.  My eyes fluctuate between 20/30 and 20/20.
Thanks to this course, Calvin does not have to resort to and depend on crutches for his eyes!  Ever!  You can't beat that!
I can't say enough good things about my experience!  Esther, you are truly a subject matter expert on the Bates Method.  Your lessons are well planned and broken into logical sections, which made it so easy to follow.  Your care and devotion came across loud and clear in all emails, lessons and phone calls.  You were always available for me, giving me detailed answers to every question.  I have learnt valuable lifetime lessons about vision.  You are a star!
Deb B, mother of Calvin (age 10), Eagan, Minnesota 

After lesson 5:  Dear Esther, It is.............!!!EASY!!!!   I wish that this lesson was first.  I had the band contest today.  On the way up to the contest I had many flashes [of clear vision].  During today, I had more flashes than I ever had.  I AM making progress.  I also felt a divine touch, considering that God is answering my prayers on this.  I can obtain at least a small flash very easily now. I love the ant you had in the lesson. The advice on being curious of distance detail and imagination has went a long way today.  I believe that a permanent improvement is just around the corner.  When it comes, I WILL NOT put my current glasses on ever again.  I'm not putting them on anyway.  They hurt my eyes and give me a drastic headache.  Thank you for your wonderful help."  
Greg J,  Plantersville, Mississippi  
(Greg is rapidly overcoming nearsightedness of -4.00 by following the e-mail course and by not wearing glasses at all. ~ EJvdW)

After the course:  I liked the simplicity of the instruction.  Dr. Bates is often very elaborate in his explanations and reading him you can get a different sense of what he is saying each time you read his work.  He is the father of the field so one wouldn't expect less, but I appreciated how his principles were distilled down into easy-to-grasp lessons.

David Feigelson, Houston, Texas

After lesson 3:  Dear Esther, I practise a lot of sunning, strobing and shifting.  These have helped improve my acuity from 20/100 to 20/40 (seeing the chart using both eyes).  I can see 20/200 and 20/100 clearly but there is a slight blur at 20/80.  Lines 20/50 and 20/40 are blurry but I can still see enough to figure out the letters.  I am proud to say that I am not sensitive to light any more.  Sun light does not hurt my eyes.  Thank you so very much :-)
Shane G, Kalgoorlie, W. Australia
(Shane reported seeing only as far as the 20/100 line with both eyes at the start of the course, and he was very sensitive to sunlight.  He is making wonderful progress.  ~ EJvdW)

After lesson 4:  I can now read well at 27 cm. I sometimes have flashes of good sight when looking at the eyechart.   Wednesday morning I could see 10/30 uncorrected in really good light, and on Thursday I could see 10/20 clearly for a long time with -2.00 contacts.  I now enjoy my sunning a lot and miss it when there's no sun. I even enjoy being outside more. 
After the course:  Dear Esther.  I must say that I am really glad I decided to take this course.  My eyesight has improved quite a bit since I started the course.  I still have a long way to go but I know I will succeed.  You've given me all the necessary tools.  Thanks a lot for guiding me along and answering my questions.  It has really helped me to be able to ask you all those questions that came up during the course.  I appreciate your time and dedication.  I'll let you know any major improvements.
Regina Lindemann, Katwijk, Netherlands  
(Regina's prescription had been -6.00 in both eyes with astigmatism. She started the course using compensating lenses of -5.00 for the right eye and -5.25 for the left.  Within 6 weeks she was using -4.00, while on sunny days she uses -3.50 and she's progressing into using -2.00. ~ EJvdW)

After lesson 3: My eyesight is improving substantially, the blur has disappeared for a great deal.  I haven't used my glasses at all for the past 3 weeks, and it is a great relief to be independent from them.
Jurgen de Jong, Middelburg, Netherlands  (Jurgen wrote this 3 weeks after starting the email course with -6 diopters of nearsightedness combined with astigmatism. ~ EJvdW)

After lesson 2:  Thanks Esther.  The first 2 lessons changed my mind, vision and life!  I am reading easier and easier thanks to blinking and strobing. : )  Your course is golden.  Bless you!
Dave Klein, Sebastopol, California

After lesson 2:  My reading is so much better, I now don't need reading glasses at all.  I can see the tiny print font on the face of my watch (especially under sun) which is good.  My distant vision is slowly getting better, especially under sun, but it gets blurred at night and in stores.  I know I need to be patient and continue to have correct vision habits all along.  I'm looking forward to lesson 3, thanks!
Jamie C, Ellicott City, Maryland

After lesson 2:  Your hints for using the chart in a relaxed way at the end of Lesson 1 were a big help, & I've left it open to this page because I need constant reminders, as my habit is still to tense up.  I'm working my way through Lesson 2, which is excellent; I LOVE the facial massage!  It's also a good reminder to me that I should be doing more palming. I'm noticing that the letters on the eye chart aren't much clearer, but they're definitely darker.
After lesson 4:  There is a LOT of good information here.  Even though I thought I was doing all the posture & movement stuff right, this lesson was very beneficial to me: thanks!
After lesson 5:  My depth awareness has increased: I am noticing much more what is in front of or behind what, which is nearer & which farther, etc. I practice this with tree branches whenever I'm outside. I know this is good, as I used to see everything flat. My floaters really seem to be clearing up. I've read a lot of Bates materials, but this course has consolidated it all; you've put it together in one place. Thank you so much!
After lesson 6:  This lesson was a great summary of the course & also a big help with driving, especially at night. I have learned so much! Be assured I will continue to study the lessons & will keep you informed of my progress.  
The email course helped me a lot, is great to have as a resource to refer to after you've completed it, & of course the best part is the ongoing support of Esther as the teacher when I had questions.
Nancy Neff, Fishkill, New York  (read more on the testimonials page)

After lesson 5:  Ik vind jouw cursus fantastisch en je begeleiding en antwoorden ook.  Dit is nou precies wat ik zocht.  Je blijft een echte Bates volger, maar je integreert ook nieuwe wetenschap zonder te verwateren.
Frans Postma, Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands
Translation: I think your course is fantastic and so are your personal guidance and answers.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  You are a true follower of Bates, and you also integrate new science without watering down [the Bates Method].

After lesson 6:  Ik zie heel veel resultaat met bepaalde dingen uit je e-mailcursus: ik kan weer lekker lezen in een veel hoger tempo en geniet daarvan.  En toen ik in een zaal achterin zat kon ik op een beamer geprojecteerde tekst lezen en meezingen.  Een hele vooruitgang, gewoon door wat andere gewoonten aan te nemen.
Hannah P-L, Alphen a/d Rijn,
Translation:  I see great results with certain parts of your e-mail course: I can read easily again at a much higher speed and enjoy that.  And when I sat in the back of a room I could read texts from a projector and sing along.  A big improvement, simply by using a few different habits.

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