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Better Eyesight Podcast

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The Better Eyesight Podcast is a monthly podcast co-hosted by Nathan Oxenfeld and Esther Van Der Werf that reads Dr. William Bates' entire catalogue of Better Eyesight magazines and provides modern commentary on the topic of natural vision improvement and holistic eye care.
Better Eyesight Podcast

100 Years ago, Dr. William H. Bates, who was the holistic ophthalmologist who pioneered the field of natural vision improvement, published a monthly magazine called Better Eyesight from July 1919 to June 1930. Back in 1922 a small group of dedicated followers of the Bates Method formed the Better Eyesight League and had regular meetings in New York City.

Now, a century later, a group of Bates Method teachers and natural vision educators are reviving the Better Eyesight League in the form of the Better Eyesight Podcast, which is a monthly podcast that reads the entire Better Eyesight magazine collection from exactly 100 years ago to the month, while also providing expert commentary on the material.

Instead of having to read all 11 years worth of magazine articles yourself, we're going to read them out loud for you! That way, you can close and rest your eyes or do some other vision enhancing practices while you listen and learn.

Hosts Nathan and Esther

Nathan Oxenfeld and Esther Joy Van Der Werf will be your two main co-hosts, but you'll also be hearing from dozens of other natural vision educators from all over the world to get a range of explanations of Dr. Bates' powerful principles and practices.

The basic Better Eyesight Podcast will be free for everyone and can be found in any podcast listening app like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, etc. But the free version will only include the first few articles of each magazine. To unlock the full episode containing all the articles and discussions, you can subscribe to our Patreon community.

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