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The Bates Method of
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Eyes that see do not grow old
Nicaraguan Proverb

Visions of Joy provides a large amount of information online to help you improve your vision naturally with the Bates Method. The most important pages that you may find of interest on your path to natural clear vision are listed below.

Better Vision
Without Glasses

Your vision may get worse, or better. The choice is yours... Better vision without glasses is possible for anyone.

Bates Method is not Eye Exercises

The Bates Method is often presumed to be a set of eye exercises, which is a major misunderstanding. Learn the difference.

See Better Naturally

The Bates Method - the basics of natural vision improvement; no eye exercises, surgery or drugs!

On-Site Solutions on Sight

Specific vision problems and their natural solutions.

Read Without Glasses

Read Without Glasses at Any Age, new book now available!

Children's Vision

For parents who wish to help their children improve vision naturally.

School Teachers

A Bates Method page specifically for school teachers.

Nutrition for Vision

How nutrition affects your eyesight.

Breathing for Vision

How you breathe can affect how you see. Breathing improves with relaxation, just like vision does.


What people say about their renewed eyesight achieved with the Bates Method.


Answers to frequently asked questions about the Bates Method; improve your EyeQ today.

Laser Surgery

Find out why laser surgery to correct your vision may not be your best choice.


Current and previous issues of Visions of Joy News.


Stories and articles about improving eyesight naturally.
Articles by Esther, by Dr. Bates, and by a variety of others.
Such as: Relax into Seeing, Relax into Life

Good news: Researchers finally 'discover' what Dr. Bates knew a century ago...


See YouTube videos and listen to radio interviews with Esther talking about the Bates Method.
Lectures & Workshops Lectures and workshops about the Bates Method presented by Esther at holistic vision conferences.
AVE Conferences Information on the Assocation of Vision Educators Conferences.

Quotable Quotes

Interesting and enlightening quotes about natural vision, mostly from ophthalmologists, optometrists, and vision educators.

Optical Illusion

If you think you have perfect vision, this image is a must see...

Vision Quest

For those who are interested in the spiritual side of vision.

Inner Vision

Inner vision affects outer vision (also on the spiritual side) .

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