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Read Without Glasses
at Any Age

read without glasses at any age book cover   Esther Joy van der Werf and Jean-Noel Bassior

Read Without Glasses at Any Age
The Natural Method to Near Vision Clarity
by Esther Joy van der Werf
Foreword by Ray Gottlieb, O.D., Ph.D.

A new book on how to overcome presbyopia and reading challenges.
Watch two TV interviews (30 mins each, on LA Talk Live).

Do you hate those readers, tend to lose them, and wish you could
read without glasses again? Then this book is for you!

Imagine easily reading menus by candlelight and impressing your friends by doing so with your own healthy eyes, free from crutches. Or imagine no longer peering over glasses to see people across the room. Won’t that be nice?!
If these thoughts appeal to you, this book is for you! Whether your age is 46-ish or 86+, and even if you are only six and just learning to read, this book can be a valuable tool for helping you get past your reading challenges. The methods outlined in this book are simple, easy to learn and just as easy to apply. It does take some time and persistence, but the rewards are huge – a return to natural clear vision, healthier eyes, and easy, glasses-free reading.

This book conveniently starts with large print so you are more likely to begin reading without glasses, and the print size then reduces so gradually that you will soon find yourself reading smaller print than you thougth possible!

Read Without Glasses at Any Age is available now.
It has 170 pages and measures 7.5"x9.25"


"It is a wonderful contribution to the world."
Lisa Harvey, O.D., California.

"Love your book! Am recommending it already."
Rosemary Gaddum Gordon, D.B.O., M.A., Vision Educator, Maine.

"The book is excellent, addresses my issues in more detail
than any other book I've seen."
Marion Reynolds, Art Teacher, New York.

Below are excerpts from the many 5-star reviews on Amazon.

"This is an amazing book. It teaches you how to improve your eyesight no matter how old you are – and it's easy!" - G. Snoxall, Amazon.UK

"Excellent book. Well and clearly written."
- D. Bergkamp

"Simple and effective. I use Esther's techniques for the last 13 years almost daily and at age 74 do not need glasses."
- Mike White (from

"Great book. I've read and used several vision improvement books, including Bates', and taken personal instruction in vision improvement. This was the best book and the most helpful. It's very good at providing the necessary understanding and the included charts and examples are indispensable." - Lupe Escamilla

"I was pleasantly surprised how soon my eyes adjusted to the gradually decreasing print size, making my vision sharper, more flexible and feeling relaxed. Truly transformative !" - 'dcat'

"I'm delighted with your book, Read Without Glasses at Any Age!
I'm 69 years old, and can read the finest print on labels, thanks to my practice of the methods you advocate in your book."

- Elizabeth Abraham, NVE

"...if you want to improve your vision, this is required reading, and your time will be amply rewarded." - A. Noble

"One of the single most effective tools in my becoming glasses free, Esther has a unique and practical perspective on the application of the Bates Method. A must read for anyone who seeks to no longer be wearing eyeglasses." - Laurie S.

"The advice on restoring eye vision works. The book is useful, helpful, and well written." Marta Tereshchenko

Honestly, I didn't even follow half of the protocols in Read Without Glasses and my eyes became sharper and clearer. I can't imagine how much would change if I actually did all of it. It is not just a book of eye exercises (which it does include), but more of a teaching guide on HOW to use the eyes to maintain and/or improve vision. I highly recommend it.

Where and How to Order Read Without Glasses at Any Age:
You can choose between paperback or e-book, and you can buy it from Visions of Joy, Amazon, Create Space, or your local bookstore.

- You can buy the paperback directly from Visions of Joy.
(ISBN 978-1-935894-08-7. Eight of the 30 illustrations are in color.)
This paperback book costs $21.95 plus $4.00 shipping in the USA (a total of US$25.95). To purchase it, make a $25.95 payment here (through paypal with either a debit or credit card) and send me a quick email to let me know that your payment is for the Read Without Glasses paperback.

NEW: Pay $2.00 extra to receive a Visions of Joy Bookmark with your book!
This special offer is only valid for books bought directly from Visions of Joy.

To ship abroad is rather expensive ($12 postage costs to Canada/Mexico, $18 to Europe) so I recommend that anyone outside the USA buys the paperback from Amazon or other online bookstores - see below.

- You can get Read Without Glasses as an e-book.
(ISBN 978-1-935894-15-5. Eight of the 30 illustrations are in color.)
This is a 3.3MB PDF file of the book which costs US$19. To purchase it make a payment of US$19.00 here and send me a quick email to let me know that your payment is for the Read Without Glasses e-book. I will then email the e-book to you. You will need Adobe Reader software to open the file, which can be downloaded for free from
No postage costs, quick service, or at most only a minor delay while I travel!

- You can buy the paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
(ISBN 978-1-935894-14-8. All illustrations are in grayscale.)
You can 'look inside' the book on Amazon; a nice feature.

- In Europe you can get the paperback from your local Amazon service:,,,, (English version), and (Italian version, 2nd edition).
Postage is free to the Netherlands, Belgium and other EU countries when you order this new book from your nearest amazon site.
In the Netherlands this book can also be bought at

- You can also order the book from your local bookstore. They may ask you for the title (Read Without Glasses at Any Age), author (Esther Joy van der Werf) and ISBN number (978-1-935894-14-8).

- If you live in Ojai, California, copies of the color version book are for sale at Rainbow Warehouse on Matilija Street, where you can also get my book Optimal Eyesight.

- Bulk order discounts available - please contact Esther, and provide your address and the number of books you'd like to purchase to get a quote.

The 2nd Edition Italian Translation
is now available!!

Leggere Senza Occhiali

Buy this book from or

"Esther è forse l’insegnante del metodo Bates che ha saputo meglio riproporre il metodo Bates nella sua originalità. E questo è assolutamente il libro migliore sul trattamento della presbiopia con il metodo Bates. Molto molto raccomandabile."
Maurizio Cagnoli, Associazione Italiana per l’Educazione Visiva (AIEV)

Translation of the above: "Esther is perhaps the teacher of the Bates method that has been able to better revive the Bates method in its originality. And this is absolutely the best book on the treatment of presbyopia with the Bates Method. Very highly recommended."
Maurizio Cagnoli, Italian Association for Vision Education

Buy Leggere Senza Occhiali (2a edizione) from or
Puoi comprare
Leggere Senza Occhiali (2a edizione) da
ISBN: 978-1-935894-18-6

Read 5-star reviews here!

Overview of internet pages mentioned in
Read without Glasses, listed by chapter note:

1. A list of Natural Vision Educators

25. Find a Behavioral Optometrist near you

26. Affordable prescription glasses

27. Pinhole glasses

33. French research cautions against using LED lights

40. Full Spectrum lamps

46. Swing Windows software (for PC) UDPATE: This is no longer available.

Resources: Paper books, e-books, and mini bibles available from Visions of Joy

Resources: Read without glasses method

Practice Charts: Large Practice Chart to download for free

NOW AVAILABLE - The complete set of charts from the book!
If you prefer not to cut pages out of the book and would like a complete set of its charts in PDF format, please make a donation of $5 and email me saying that you would like the set of charts for the Read Without Glasses book.
Included in this set are:
Letter charts in 3 different sizes;
Dr. Bates' Fundamentals Card;
the Better Eyesight card;
plus various Diamond and Microscopic Print practice cards.

Older gentleman reading the New Sight Daily without glasses

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