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Optimal Eyesight - How to Restore and Retain Great Vision. A book to help those who wish to avoid or overcome myopia (nearsightedness/shortsight), astigmatism, dry eyes, light sensitivity, night blindness, computer vision syndrome, amblyopia or strabismus.

Read W ithout Glasses at Any Age - The Natural Method to Near Vision Clarity. A book to help those who wish to avoid or to overcome the need for reading glasses.

Bates Method Nuggets - Read the Golden Nuggets; the best of Dr. Bates' natural vision improvement method, brought together in one book.  This compact guide to improving your eyesight is ideal for your quick understanding and ease of learning.  Also available in paperback.

Bates Method View of ... - You can get detailed information about your specific vision challenge from this growing series of e-books on the Bates Method.

Better Eyesight magazines - For those who want it all - you can go right to the source for the best eyesight improvement answers; have Dr. Bates' complete and unedited collection of Better Eyesight magazines at your fingertips.  

Medical Articles by Dr. W.H. Bates - The complete collection of 30 medical articles published in various medical journals during 1886-1923.

Perfect Sight Without Glasses - Originally published by Dr. Bates in 1920, this excellent book is now available as a Free download!
(Do you prefer to read from paper?  I may have an original 1920 first edition hardcover book available.)

Dr. W.H. Bates of New York City, many years ago conceived an original idea.  Why not cure the abnormal condition of the eye?  Why not treat it as the medical profession treats an abnormal condition of any other part of the body? 
To find the cause and then to devise some means of relief involved research work which led him into fields never explored before. What he discovered will be explained.  The system he originated will be described.  By following his directions it is possible to correct the faltering function of the eye, and recover normal vision.

W.B. MacCracken M.D., in "Use Your Own Eyes"


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