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The Joy of Clear Vision


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- Do you want to see clearly, without glasses or contact lenses?
- Are you apprehensive of laser surgery on your eyes?
- Did you try eye exercises without success?
- There IS a much better alternative...

Overcome blurry vision; regain clarity naturally!

Learn how to improve your eyesight with ease!

Few people are aware of the option of improving eyesight naturally.
All that most of us know is when our eyesight deterioriates, we can choose between either (stronger) glasses, or contact lenses, or becoming a guinea pig for the currently popular laser surgery industry. However, in the 1920s, Dr. Bates, a prominent eye surgeon in New York, developed a safe and effective natural option:

The Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement.

Come explore natural ways of going from blur to clarity.
When you know what causes blurry vision you can do the opposite.
Then you will soon have better vision without glasses.
You'll be glad to know that vision improvement can be EASY!  
(And it is definitely NOT a regimen of eye exercises.)

Common 'side effects' of improved natural vision include: 
- better eye health,
- improved depth perception, 
- colors are seen more vividly, 
- self-confidence rises, 
- memory is better.

Gone or reduced are: 
- blurry vision,
- eye strain,
- neck tension,
- light sensitivity,
- headaches and migraines. 

You will love seeing clearly with your own eyes again!

Go ahead - enjoy Visions of Joy!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: My new book Optimal Eyesight is available NOW! The e-book version was released on 4 September 2019! The grayscale-illustrated paperback is available on Amazon, and a color-illustrated version will follow in late October along with a hardcover book soon after (also color-illustrated).

Weekend group class in Padova, Italy, 12-13 October 2019

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Leggere Senza Occhiali, the Italian translation of Read Without Glasses at Any Age is available on
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